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Rolling Gunner(ローリングガンナー) オリジナルサウンドトラック



Rolling Gunner(ローリングガンナー)の オリジナルサウンドトラックになります。 内容:CD1枚 収録曲: 01 Team Rolling Gunner (TitleLogo) COSIO 02 The Frame of Rolling Gunner (Opening) COSIO 03 Briefing (Menu) COSIO 04 Takeoff to Fire (Takeoff) COSIO 05 The Last Shining Star (Stage1) COSIO 06 Urban Warfare (Stage2) COSIO 07 Regain Control of Biosis (BOSS) COSIO 08 Master and Servant (Stage3) COSIO 09 Root of Disaster (Stage4) COSIO 10 Regain Control of Artifact (BOSS#2) COSIO 11 Heading for space (Stage5) COSIO 12 Dark side of the moon (Stage6) COSIO 13 Requiem for RG (BOSS Last) COSIO 14 Regain Control of Core (BOSS True) COSIO/金岩 洋介 15 On Close (Result) COSIO 16 Operation Downfall (Ending) COSIO 17 To Galaxy Frontier (Ending True) COSIO/金岩 洋介 18 Employee ID card (Ranking) COSIO 19 Take or Goto Rest (GameOver) COSIO 20 The Frame of Rolling Gunner -Title Ver.- (Title) COSIO 21 On Close Another (Result Versions) COSIO Rolling Gunner公式サイト: https://rollinggunner.wixsite.com/rollinggunner